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Web Applications

Working with our dedicated developers and designers you will have full control as to the scope of the project to achieve your projects goals. We offer custom UI/UX design, bugless web development, and performance evaluation.

  • Web Idea

    We are excited to bring your ideas to life. Our team will work hard to figure out the best way to showcase your brand and content to make it useable no matter the screen it’s being viewed on.

  • Web Development

    Your website should function on all devices not just mobile. That should include huge smart TV screen as well as other screen environments. While our talented developers deliver quality code our front-end specialist beautify the designs with HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Responsive Design

    Not only are we concerned about how these assets look in terms of design they all must serve important functionality. We embrace responsive design, which has become a standard that your potential clients expect.

Mobile Applications

The world is at our fingertips. Which is why your website should look great on wide range of devices from desktop, tablet, to mobile phone. Gain optimal viewing experience by our crafted responsive web design team.

  • Mobile App Design

    We live in a digital world where mobility is the norm. Our designers and mobile developers team up together to create pixel-perfect iOS and Android applications.

  • Mobile App Development

    Great design begins with a story. We align our priorities from the beginning to understand your presence as a brand and your audience. We help businesses create outstanding designs and make sure they are executed to perfection on any device.

Quality Assurance

No one likes buggy apps. Our Quality Assurance team is responsible for testing performance evaluation, preparing test-plan documentation, as well as maintaining quality and functional specification throughout the entire app development cycle.

  • Services quality checker

    All of our quality assurance techs have years of experience in shipping quality web and mobile applications to the highest of standards. No matter if you’re starting a new project or it’s an existing legacy our quality assurance team will support you and ship the best quality products.

  • Services quality buggy

    The Evothink quality assurance team is equipped with the most advanced technology to deliver the best user experience across any devices — from multi-generations of iPhones, iPads, to a wide range of Android devices, to the latest browsers.

  • Performance

    We also ensure your app goes through an intensive performance evaluation from beginning to end prior to launch. Complete with testing documentation, we make sure we have caught any bugs before launching your app.

Consultation Services

Sometimes all you need is an ear to listen. Tell us the ideas behind your project, let our team do the hard work.

We help to turn your ideas into strategic plan and then to digital solutions. During our consultation process we start by listening to your ideas and brainstorming with you what the product requirements are. Once identified we work together to create the right solution for your product.

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